In the year 2010, I earned my graduate degree in computer Applications and had plans for higher studies but Time & Fate had something else on my plate to cater to.

Every individual has a dream to work in an MNC but a direct entry in the doors is difficult without a master’s that’s what the common thought is, But it’s a myth. With hard work & sheer dedication, one can enter the world of MNCs. Also one should not let their dreams fade as I believe if you dream then only you achieve.

It was a startup that gave…

I am writing this article about my process of learning system design and I will try to include the topics which are related to system design.

To start with — What is System Design?

SD defines the architecture, components, modules and data for a system based on the requirements. It the most integral part of Software engineering.

Key Principles of System Design

  1. Availability
  2. Performance
  3. Reliability
  4. Scalability
  5. Manageability
  6. Cost


Design a system to be constantly available and resilient to failure. It’s very critical as unavailability of System can lead to bad reputation of the business and a big loss of revenue…

Mayur SSoni

iOS Native / React Native / Backend Developer (AWS, Node, TypeScript) @Deloitte

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