A Decade of journey as a Software Engineer — Mayur SSoni

In the year 2010, I earned my graduate degree in computer Applications and had plans for higher studies but Time & Fate had something else on my plate to cater to.


Every individual has a dream to work in an MNC but a direct entry in the doors is difficult without a master’s that’s what the common thought is, But it’s a myth. With hard work & sheer dedication, one can enter the world of MNCs. Also one should not let their dreams fade as I believe if you dream then only you achieve.

It was a startup that gave me a start to my career in 2010. While working with Elan Emerging Technologies (My 1st job) I had made my mind clear that I need to prove the caliber within and take on the responsibility of supporting my family on my shoulder.

iOS Application development was the start of my journey where I gave in a year and as fortune favours the brave, I got a break to work on the development of a small Gaming project (Marmalade now) for 3 months’ post which I again switched on iOS development and continued to excel myself for a period of two years.

Then, there came a twist and an excellent opportunity following my dreams knocked and My dream of working with an MNC seemed to be coming true and I cleared the interview to bag the offer from a giant MNC — TCS

The Journey with TCS began and I worked on interesting & skilful projects. It was a very smooth ongoing journey but as we all know there are ups & downs in everybody’s graph of life, due to which I decided to start with a freelance business. The experience taught me many great LIFE LESSONS to take away during the 1 year of my freelance career.

I learned Swift language in tenure of freelancing, but the earnings were not that great by which I could support my family and thus I decided to get back into the job industry again and in 2016 — I happened to step into the company which was in my bucket list — Deloitte

Ialways kept the doors open for new learning & accepted the change. Learning Cross-Platform technology was on my radar in 2017 and I started learning React-Native (JavaScript). Soon we got our first client project for React Native in Deloitte USI. I never looked back since then and delivered multiple projects for almost 3 years.

What Next?.. Full-stack

I was ready to take in something new and stepped on the ladder leading towards a Full-stack Journey. At Deloitte, I have always got the space to explore, learn & work on a new Tech Stack. Since then I have acquired the fundamentals of AWS, NodeJs, TypeScript. It has been over a year now; I have been working as a Backend Engineer.

And the journey continues to grow and so I.

Next what..?

1. AWS Certifications — thankfully completed SA-2021 :)

2. Solution Architect — This is ongoing and it comes with the experience.

I will end this with a beautiful quote…

“Every morning of our life bring us some CHALLENGES and every evening of our life leaves us with EXPERIENCES” — Gaur Gopal Das

So always keep learning no matter — you will gain some experience.

Thanks for reading.

iOS Native / React Native / Backend Developer (AWS, Node, TypeScript) @Deloitte